The 7th Annual Boulder Marathon (26.2 Miles):

One of Colorado's finest, the 2014 Boulder Marathon once again takes place on the beautiful Boulder backroads route. The race starts at 7:30 AM on Sunday,

October 5th. The Boulder Marathon race course is open a full 7 hours.

The Race Course is Open From 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM

The  Boulder Marathon is an Official Boston Marathon qualifier.


The 2014 Boulder Marathon once again starts at the Boulder Reservoir, and the runners and walkers proceed west and exit the reservoir. They then turn north and run around the beautiful Boulder backroads race route. While progressing around the route, participants take in the amazing scenery from the wonderful farmlands just north of Boulder. And the views of the Colorado Rockies (and Long's Peak) are indeed spectacular. When the runners return to the Boulder Reservoir they'll finish their effort in front of hundreds of friends and family. All races start and finish in the same place at the Boulder Reservoir.


The Boulder Marathon course is relatively flat, with a few hills thrown in for good measure. Fortunately for the runners, over 90% of the race course is on the backroads dirt surface - which by all accounts is much more forgiving on the body than running a marathon on asphalt or concrete. If you've never run a marathon on the Boulder Marathon course, you owe it to yourself. Finishing a full marathon distance (26.2 miles) is quite an accomplishment - especially at altitude. And running the race on the softer dirt roads means for less stress on the joints - and a post race recovery that is significantly easier than the post-race recovery from running a marathon asphalt or concrete.


Perhaps this is your year to finally step up from the half marathon to the full marathon distance? If you've run a half marathon (or several of them) but you've never run a full marathon, the Boulder Marathon course is perfect for you. We have well stocked aid stations the entire length of the course, and volunteers and race marshals are out there cheering you on and looking out for your safety. Also, if you're one of those runners that's afraid of attempting a first time marathon at altitude, get rid of that fear! Yes, it's more difficult to run a marathon at altitude than it is at seal level, but it's nothing to be afraid of. You won't even give it a thought as you're running along taking in the beautiful scenery of the Boulder backroads!


The Boulder Marathon race course has been the training grounds for world class runners for decades now, and is easily the most well known training area for runners in Boulder County. You haven't experience "Boulder Running" until you've run a marathon or half marathon on the beautiful Boulder backroads!